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Ohio's first International Gay Rugby (IGR) club
All ages and experience levels welcome

The Columbus Coyotes Rugby Football Club is a registered 501c3 non-profit fighting homophobia and stereotypes in contact sports through the game of rugby. We are a Division IV IGR team.

  • Most of our players are based in Columbus, but we also have regular players all the way from Dayton, OH. We are proud to represent our state's capital.

  • We do what we can to lift our community, whether it's building with Habitat for Humanity, working for Mid-Ohio Foodbank, or volunteering at low-income schools.

  • We like to win against both local teams and international teams. In the past, we took home the 2018 Midtown Scrumdown Tournament crown in Madison, WI, and were runner-ups for the 2018 International Bingham Cup Hoagland Plate in Amsterdam, NL.

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